Dave Morgan ACO
Game of Thrones





The ACO Lounge
‘The Importance of Insurance’

Wonka Q & A session with operators Pete Robertson ACO, Pete Batten ACO, Zoe Goodwin-Stuart ACO, hosted by Danny Bishop ACO.

The ACO Lounge
‘Meet the President’

The ACO Lounge
‘The Agent’s View: Negotiating your rate and finding success’

The ACO Lounge
‘The Cinematographer’s POV: The importance of the Operator

Edd Wright ACO talks to Chris Ross BSC in discussion with Ilana Garrard ACO

The ACO Lounge
The Witcher – Season 3’

How to find that work/life Balance

With Zoe Goodwin-Stuart & Michael Carstensen

The ACO Lounge ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’

Discussing the film’s success, and much more with Danny Bishop ACO
March 2023

The ACO Lounge ‘The Operator’s Surgery’

Tanya Mara ACO in conversation with Pete Cavaciuti ACO

January 2023

Equality In Focus – Digital Orchard Foundation

A series of videos that take you through the areas of Digital Orchard Foundation’s Equality In Focus training framework.

The ACO Lounge “Financing your Future”

Edd Wright ACO in discussion with Rebecca Price from Creative Vision Finance.

ACO Q&A 26 August – 2nd Unit

Andrei Austin ACO and Tony Jackson ACO discuss shooting 2nd Unit with Edd Wright ACO.

Q&A 05 August -The Journey Towards Sustainable Filmmaking

In conversation with Cut it members Anna Valdez Hanks – DOP, David Raedeker – DOP, Khandiz Joni – Hair and Make-up Artist with Jason Henwood – 1st AC and Bectu’s Sustainability Rep for Camera Branch Laurence Johnson – 2nd AC. in conversation with Edd Wright ACO.

Q&A 29 July – Filming on Film

Mike Watson Take 2 Films, Adrian Bull Cinelab London, Philip Méheux BSC, Christopher Ross BSC, Peter Robertson ACO and Leigh Gold GBCT in conversation with Edd Wright ACO.

Q&A 22 July – A Conversation with Des Whelan

Des Whelan ACO in conversation with Edd Wright ACO. Discussing the Dark Art of Camera Operating and touching upon Des’ career working on films like Fury, Darkest Hour and many features directed by Tim Burton.

Q&A 08 JULY – The Journey Towards Diversity and Inclusion

Edd Wright ACO in conversation with Fiona Lamptey (Producer), Nahrein Kemp (Film & TV Executive for Film London), Akua Gyamfi (The British Blacklist), Chris Plevin ACO, Michael Eshun-Mensah

ACO Q & A 1 July Steadicam Now and Then

Edd Wright ACO in conversation with Vince McGahon ACO, Paul Edwards ACO, Max Rijavec Assoc ACO & Michael Carstensen ACO

ACO Q&A 24 June Get a Grip

Edd Wright ACO in conversation with ACO Operators – Rodrigo Gutierrez and Iain Mackay joined by Grips – Gary Hymns and Jim Philpot as we discuss this crucial working relationship

ACO Q&A 17 June 2020
The Journey Towards Gender Balance

Edd Wright ACO in conversation with Sara Putt (Sara Putt Associates), Sean Savage (ACO President), Ula Pontikos BSC, Christopher Ross BSC and Zoe Goodwin-Stuart ACO

ACO Q&A 10 June 2020
On The Shoulder

Edd Wright ACO discusses the art of the handheld camera with members Martin Foley ACO, John Piggott ACO and Tom Wilkinson ACO

ACO Q&A 03 June 2020
The Operator Clinic

Edd Wright ACO in conversation with Pete Wignall ACO, Matt Poynter ACO and Svetlana Miko ACO

ACO Q&A 27 May 2020
Pass The Remote

Edd Wright ACO in conversation with Adam Sculthorp from Motion Impossible, Ian Speed from Camera Revolution, a surprise ARRI guest, Chris Plevin ACO, Jamie Harcourt ACO and James Davis ACO

ACO Q&A 20 May 2020
Sex Education

Edd Wright talks to Ilana Garrard and Will Lyte of the ACO, along with DoP Jamie Cairney, about ‘Sex Education’ from Netflix

ACO Q&A 13 May 2020
Best Day/Worst Day

Edd Wright in conversation with Roger Tooley, Lilia Sellami and Ossie McLean of the ACO

ACO Q&A 6 May 2020
The Art of Operating

Edd Wright in conversation with Fabrizio Sciarra, Chris McGuire and Tony Kay of the ACO

ACO Q&A 29 April 2020
ACO International

Q&A 29 April 2020 Edd Wright in conversation with Marc Benoliel in France, Dale Rodkin in South Africa and Adam Mendry in Poland

ACO Q&A 22 April 2020 
The Long Take

Edd Wright in conversation with Peter Taylor, Peter Robertson and Peter Cavaciuti, talking about the long continuous take.

BSC Cinematographers on Call
(16th April 2020)

Joining host Laurie Rose BSC for the 3rd session are: Fabian Wagner ASC BSC, Nanu Segal BSC, Larry Smith BSC, Sean Savage Assoc BSC ACO, Agnieszka Szeliga ACO, Chris Plevin Assoc BSC ACO, Roger Tooley ACO.

ACO Q&A 7 April Gallery View

First ACO Q&A under lockdown with Matt Fisher, Iain Struthers and Sean Savage, talking to Edd Wright.

ACO & CVP 1917 exclusive event 

Peter Cavaciuti ACO/ Assoc BSC
& Charlie Rizek

1917 2020

Roger Deakins BSC | ASC
Peter Cavaciuti ACO | ASSOC BSC
& Charlie Rizek

Game of Thrones 2018

Sean Savage ACO


English Scandal 2018

Iain Mackay ACO


Patrick Melrose 2018

Daniel Bishop ACO

Sky Atlantic

A Discovery of Witches 2018

James Layton ACO BSC



Bodyguard 2018

Rupert Power ACO


Darkest Hour 2018

Des Whelan ACO

Working Title Films

Mamma Mia – Here We Go Again 2018

Gary Spratling ACO

Universal Pictures

Solo 2018

Peter Wignall ACO


Kingsman 2 2018

Ossie McLean ACO


Star Wars – The Last Jedi 2018

Gary Spratling ACO


Paddington 2 2017

Julian Morson ACO

Studio Canal

Outlander 2017

Andrei Austin ACO

Tall Ship Productions

Iceman 2017

Benjamin Treplin ACO

Lucky Bird Pictures

Black Mirror USS Callister 2017

Joe Russell ACO


Electric Dreams 2017

Tony Kay ACO

Channel 4

Game of Thrones Season 6 2016

‘Inside GoT – The Best Seat in the House’


GBCT – ACO Presents Mitch Dubin and Chris Haarhoff 2016

Spectre 2015

Julian Morson ACO

Columbia Pictures

Outlander 2014

ACO interview

with Ossie McLean ACO and Andrei Austin ACO

True Detective 2014

Christopher TJ McGuire ACO


Sherlock 2014

Mark Milsome ACO

Harts Woods Films

Peaky Blinders 2013

Jon Beacham ACO


Gravity 2013

Q&A Final Cut with Peter Taylor ACO

Skyfall 2012

Peter Cavaciuti ACO

Eon Productions

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2011

Mike Proudfoot ACO

Warner Bros

Atonement 2007

Peter Robertson ACO

Relativity Media

Gladiator 2000

Peter Taylor ACO

Universal Pictures

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 1998

Peter Wignall ACO

Summit Entertainment