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Membership Criteria

Any Full Member is privileged to invite qualified candidates for
membership of the ACO.


  • The Sponsoring Member must have firsthand knowledge of that candidate’s experience and qualifications and, if called upon to do so, be prepared to present unqualified support of the candidate.
  • In the case of applications where the applicant is not personally known to any ACO Full Member, the applicant shall provide three letters of recommendation form industry professionals, one of whom must be a Director of Photography.
  • The candidate shall then complete the online application form in all respects, name, current address and phone number, chosen password, qualifications, credits with dates, time worked as a Camera Operator and certify his/her willingness to meet the necessary requirements for membership. In addition, the Sponsoring Member shall confirm sponsorship of the applicant to the Board of Directors, and provide a character reference.
  • The Sponsoring Member and the Secretary of the ACO are jointly responsible for the presentation of correctly completed applications and acceptably formatted and clearly dated curriculum vitae which include all appropriate references.
  • Upon receipt of the completed application, with an acknowledgment that he/she accepts and agrees to abide by the Rules of the ACO, the application shall be placed before the Board of Directors for acceptance or rejection.
  • A majority vote of the Board of Directors shall be necessary to admit an applicant to membership of the ACO. When accepted into membership, the approved applicant shall be assigned a membership number by the Secretary, with the date of acceptance noted.
  • The Board of Directors reserve the right to accept or reject any applicant at their absolute discretion for whatsoever reason.

For a full explanation of the rules governing membership criteria, click HERE

Mike Heathcote ACO

Membership Categories

Membership of the Association shall consist of:


  • Full Members

  • Associate Members

  • Friends of the ACO

  • Honorary Members

  • Life Time Members



Full Membership

Any career Camera Operator engaged in the production of Feature Films, Television Drama and/or Commercials and Promotional projects, who has held the position of career Camera Operator for 5 consecutive years, can produce verifiable dated credits, and affirm that such occupation has been the main source of income for each of those 5 years, and that they have at least 2 years previous experience in the camera department and can produce verifiable dated credits. Applicants with significant previous experience outside the camera department but within the film industry may also be considered at the discretion of the board for Full Membership after they have completed 5 consecutive years where camera operating has been the main source of income.

The current subscription is £125.00 a year


Associate Membership

Associate Membership is intended for those individuals who, although working as a Camera Operator, do not qualify for Full Membership as defined in Section (2) of the Rules.

The current subscription is £125.00 a year


Friends of the ACO

Any individual that does not qualify for either Full or Associate Membership, but that shares the aims of the ACO.

The current subscription is £20.00 a year


Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership may be awarded to those persons who have notably contributed to and ‘fostered the advancement of the aims of the Association of Camera Operators (ACO).

There is no current subscription fee


Life Time Membership

Life Time Membership may be awarded only to a Retired Member in good standing by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, and shall have a non-voting status.

There is no current subscription fee


For a full explanation of the rules governing membership criteria, click HERE

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