Smeaton, Mark

Smeaton, Mark

  1. Directors Worked With:

Neasa Hardiman, Julie Edwards, John Alexander, Steve Finn, Jamie Annett, Daiken Marsh, Louise Hooper, David Tucker, David Innes-Edwards, Nigel Bristow, Nic Philips, Graham Wetherell, Anthony Quinn, Jeremy Webb, Gill Wikinson, John Dower, Ian White, Chris King, Lawrence Gordon-Clark, Chris Lovett, Shani Grewal, Robbie del Maestro, S J Clarkson, Paul Walker, Martin Sharp, Steve Kelly, Rhys Powys, Emma Bodger, Gwennan Sage, Keith Boak, Roberto Bangura, Rob Evans, Peter Cregeen, Brian Parker, John Bruce, Jeremy Silberston, Ged Maguire, Dominic Lees, Jo Shoop, Ian White, Mike Cocker, Baz Taylor, Carol Wilks, Derek Lister, Clive Fleure, Chris Lovett, Chris King, Rob Knights, David Innes-Edwards, Paul Wrobleski, James Larkin, Darcia Martin, Olivia Lichtenstein, Alrick Riley, David Blair, Peter Kosminsky, Dominic Leclerc, Tim Whitby, Michael J Bassett, Paul Wilmshurst, Marc Jobst, Brendan Maher, Toby Haynes, Charlie Palmer, Philip John, Peter Hoar, Martin Hutchings, Barnaby Southcombe etc

Awards:BAFTA nominated, Emmy nominated

Special Experience:

Geared head, helicopter work, motorbike work, underwater work primarily abroad.


English, school level French

Foreign Countries:

40 + countries. Including Congo, Thailand, Yemen, Brazil, Uruguay, Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, China, Spain, Italy, Sicily, Micronesia, France, Portugal, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man, Germany (east & west), Austria, South Africa, Algeria, Kenya, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Maldives, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Greece, etc


I am a highly skilled and experienced freelance cameraman, at ease with single and multi-camera shoots, both on location and in the studio. I have a large number of years experience working on a wide variety of drama and documentary programmes, within which my skills as a camera operator, lighting cameraman and an underwater lighting cameraman have been essential. I value opportunities to input creatively, supporting the director and working as a member of a team.