Christopher McGuire ACO
The Bourne Ultimatum

Member Application Form


Membership Fees are £125 p/a  for Full and Associate Membership. £20 p/a  for Friends of the ACO

Full membership can be applied for by any Camera Operator engaged in the production of feature films, TV drama and/or commercials, who has held the position of Camera Operator for at least 3 years, can show a wide range of skills, can demonstrate significant accomplishments in their field, can produce verifiable credits and that this occupation has been their main source of income.

Associate Membership is intended for those individuals who, although working as a Camera Operator, do not qualify for Full Membership.

Friends of the ACO is intended for individuals who do not qualify for either Full or Associate Membership but share the aims and interests of the ACO.

For a full explanation of the rules governing membership criteria, click HERE

I agree to abide by the rules of the ACO.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, I give permission for the ACO to use my details as they appear in the ACO database in the dissemination and publication of ACO information.




We require:

1) Completely fill in the online application form below. Please fill in the information as completely as possible. This will form the basis of your ‘members page’ on the ACO website. Details can be modified/updated after your members page has been created.

2) A short statement telling us why you would like to join the ACO and how you can help to support the aims of the Association.

Please bear in mind that the ACO is operated at all levels by existing members – help and engagement with the workload of the Association are crucial to the success of our goals.

The ACO expects the members collaboration and support – you will be called on from time to time to engage and serve either at Board level, in one of the Committees or to assist with events and initiatives organised by the Association. Please specify any practical help you can offer the ACO. This is considered as an important obligation of membership.

3) A nomination from a full member who provides a short character reference. If you don’t know a full member please provide three letters of recommendation form industry professionals, one of whom must be a Director of Photography.

4) Your current CV with the following information:

• Credits should be an accurate representation of applicant’s role on production.
• Daily engagements should be quantified and clearly marked as such.
• Your CV must include the year of production for each credit.
• For episodic productions, state episodes for which you received a credit.

After you have finished the online application form, please email your CV and statement to the ACO Secretary. (In case you don’t know a full member please send the three letters of recommendation as well)

Looking forward to receive your application.

Failure to observe these criteria may prejudice your application!



2 + 2 =

I confirm that I will provide suitable 1:1 (min. 600x600 pixels) head and shoulders PORTRAIT picture for use as my ‘headshot’ on the ACO website members page.

For UK residents: Furthermore I acknowledge that a confirmation of the setting up of a Standing Order is compulsory and a requirement before the membership can be announced and to be listed on the roster of the ACO.

Please send both the portrait and a confirmation of the standing order to the ACO Secretary.

Cosmo Campbell ACO
Captain Phillips