Guide to using the ACO Members Area

Within this area you can access and edit your profile details, and change your profile image.

To maintain consistency with other member profiles please follow these guidelines:


When you first log in you will be on the ‘Profile’ page – this is not your online member profile, just your site user details. You can change your password on this page.

Click on Team Members on the grey toolbar on the left, above ‘Profile.’


On the Team Members page, click on your name (we’ve used Daniel Bishop’s profile for this example) to go through to your Member Profile page.


The Visual Editor is where most of your details will go – the headings are set at Heading 3 in the drop-down menu (see image below) and all other text is paragraph level – this will maintain stylistic consistency with other members.

Profile images must be cropped to 600 x 600 pixels to maintain consistency – if you don’t have Photoshop use an online photo editor, for example:

Please don’t change the Department Categories tick boxes – you should already be placed in the correct category.


If you need to update your IMDb link click on the IMDb icon to open a new dialogue box where you can add your custom URL. In the Advanced Options tab below this, you can set the link to open in a new tab. 

When finished, click the blue update button in the bottom right.



The Team Member Information boxes are for adding details such as your personal e-mail address, phone number and website. Any agent’s details should go in the content area detailed in point 3.

When you have completed your profile click the blue update button on the right-hand side.