Hi Rodrigo

Hope you’re well.

I was fortunate to operate on the splinter unit of a feature a few days ago. Most of it was on the wheels – car tracking shots.

Thank god for the geared head workshop and your simple mantra “Don’t Think”. Those words were constantly ringing inside my head. And once I started to get comfortable I really enjoyed myself on the wheels.

The director loved the shots. Plus I’m now slotted to do the wheels on another upcoming feature along with the steadicam.

Thanks again Rodrigo.


Akhilesh Patel

Hi Rod,

You may not remember me but I just wanted to let you know that after attending the geared head workshop with you has really given me the final push to have geared head on jobs.

I’m about to start a narrative gig on Sunday and have an Arrihead mk1 (for the second time)

This is thanks to you – I greatly appreciate your time on the day, your experience and words of encouragement.

Mark Hill