Diary Services:   Suz Cruz
Tel:   01457874148
Tel 2:   07720 708242
Foreign Countries:   France, Italy, Spain, Canary Islands, Morocco, USA
Directors Worked With:   Nick Renton Paddy Considine Tim Mielants Lewis Arnold Sarah O`Gorman Sam Donovan Stuart Orme Daniel Nettheim Mark Brozel Euros Lynn Luke Snellin Dominic Leclerc Stephen Hopkins Joss Agnew Marek Losey Nigel Cole Kenny Glennan Robbie Del Maestro Morag Fullerton Matt Whitecross Natalie Bailey China Moo-Young Chris Gaffey Dave Schofield Andy Saunders Lawrence Till Craig Cash Phil Hawkins
Special Experience:   Steadicam owner/operator
Productions:   `Snatch` - Operator/Steadicam
`Peaky Blinders 3` - B cam/Steadicam
`No Offence 2` - B cam/Steadicam
`Journeyman` - B cam/Steadicam (dailies)
`DCI Banks 5` B cam/Steadicam (Eps 5/6)
`Our Girl 2` - B cam dailies
`From Darkness` - operator/Steadicam
`Houdini & Doyle` Steadicam dailies
`Vera 6` - Steadicam/B cam
`Mr Selfridge 4` - Steadicam dailies
`Humans` - Steadicam dailies
`Last Tango In Halifax` - B cam/Steadicam
`DCI Banks 4` - B cam/Steadicam dailies
`The Village 2` - Steadicam/B cam
`Banana` - Steadicam dailies
`Utopia 2` - Steadicam dailies
`Spike Island` - B cam/Steadicam
`Scott & Bailey 2` - B cam/Steadicam
`Scott & Bailey 3` - B cam/Steadicam


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The ACO - Clips and Trailers





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